Why tip

To reduce production costs and to survive in a competitive environment that is getting harder and harder every day, the work that companies do is shaping their future. In support of this, we are on the way to supporting this work we believe and supported with proven examples; we provide you with the best service by adding our latest technology equipments. With this method, we must give you a tip renewal as we give you a guarantee of cost savings.

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How much will I earn with Refurbishment?


Which Bits are Renewable?

All unbroken, worn ends can be renewed. If you need to elaborate on this,
Wheel: Reviews Other than turning heads and Udrill tips, canal tips, threading tips, special shape tips can be renewed.
Milling: Reviews ISO milling cutters, special form inserts, thread milling inserts, inserts used to insert insert teeth, etc. we can upgrade in a wide range of products.